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PC Chips VIA KM266
Socket-A MB w/Video,
Sound, LAN, Modem & Reader

        For  $64.25

McAfee Virus Scan

Model 2004 Version 8.0

 For $10.99

Dell laptop 1.2 Gig processor CDR/RW , 256 Ram  and more

 For  $899.95

Palm Pilot with

Window CE

For $158.99

Internal Buslink CDR/RW  52x24x52

For $46.99

Flat 17"
Flat Panel LCD Monitor
with Speakers

     For    $479.95

802.11b wireless PCMCIA Card. Connect to any network. Just $29.99

Dell laptop 1.2 Gig processor

 For  $999

HP inkjet printer   $43.69

Universal Computech Sales

Compact Flash 512 Ram

   For  $40.85